I have no idea what I'm doing (but I'm gonna do it anyways)

I have no idea what I'm doing (but I'm gonna do it anyways)

It's true, I don't. In my career, I feel like I've been scootin' around like a blind badger mole Roomba, occasionally heading in the right direction then abruptly bumping into a wall and changing course slightly. So that's why I made this sticker 😂 

But slowly, my circles are getting smaller and I'm feeling more confident about what direction I want my art and business to go. I'm really excited to make more jewelry this year (more on that later!) and stickers were a big hit at my holiday 2022 markets, so I will will *make more!* (Sookie said that one time but I can't remember when so here's another relevant Sookie moment) 

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To combat the whole what-the-hell-am-I-doing feeling, what's working for me is, trying things out and seeing how they go.

Making an online course could be a good thing to do? (I tried it. Not for me. Next!) Maybe I'd like selling products? Let's throw together a Shopify site and see how it goes. Maybe I'll try doing markets? I'll apply and see what happens. People tell me I should blog and I like writing I guess, what the hell, let's do it.

I'm a HUGE overthinker, and in the past would worry and "research" and think about small decisions for months (or years!) But now, I'm just gonna go for it, what ever it is, and think about it along the way WHILE I'm doing it. 

Big thanks to Megan Auman's book, Try It and See – I found her book after I started the whole wingin' it and seeing how it goes thing, and I was blown away by how relevant and on-point it is! For overthinkers in creative business: if you only ever read one book, make it this one. 

vinyl sticker that says "I have no idea what I'm doing" with florals surrounding the text

Anyhoo, this matte vinyl sticker is up in my shop. Hope you have less snow where you are cause it's a total blizzard over here but I'm kind of loving it. Happy Wednesday! They tell me spring is coming but who knows at this point.


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